Experienced canola grower Rob Egerton-Warburton has grown plenty of canola varieties on his Kojonup farm, so it was significant when he had his best ever result in 2015.

Rob has successfully grown Dupont Pioneer Y Series canolas for a number of years, and made the decision to introduce the Pioneer® brand 45Y25 hybrid canola after being impressed with the performance of the variety in a local trial.

“I looked at all the data and it’s not a super long season variety, but it’s not short either, so it looked like it was probably going to have a good fit for our seeding window,” he explains.

The Egerton-Warburtons had an excellent start to their 2015 season, with good moisture allowing the 500-hectare 45Y25 program to be in the ground before the end of April.

Warburton“It’s probably one of the best hybrids we’ve ever had as far as seeding density, it germinated pretty well, having said that it had pretty favorable conditions so we got a really good density of plants, and never really looked back.

“We had a few really dry periods and it just kept powering on – we even had a little bit of green peach aphid and it seemed to fly through that without any dramas at all,” he says.

To push their canola yields to the maximum, Rob generally plants hybrid varieties on his best paddocks and provides plenty of nutrition.

“We tend to throw everything at it, so everything gets a good amount of compound up front and we really throw the nitrogen at it as the season goes along.

“Really up until mid-September we were having the almost perfect season, so we threw a lot at our canola this year and it really didn’t disappoint either, we got some very very good yields.

The 45Y25 yield results of 2-3 t/ha, with peaks of 4t/ha, impressed Rob given the property received upwards of 100mm less than expected through Spring.

“I’ve never had canola yield that high – this variety in particular doesn’t seem to have a yield plateau, it just keeps putting on yield regardless and it’s probably the first time I’ve seen that in a hybrid canola.

“45Y25 is certainly going to form a pretty major part of our canola program moving forward – in fact it’ll probably be 50 per cent if not 70 per cent of our GM canola planting this year,” he concludes.