ChurchillWith wild radish issues on his southern NSW property, Scott Churchill needed a vigorous canola in his crop rotation to help get weeds under control In 2015 the Cootamundra farmer was approached to plant a 3ha trial of Pioneer® brand 45T01 hybrid canola and did so after considering its benefits.

“I like the fact that it’s a triazine tolerant (TT) variety – we rely pretty heavily on the chemicals that we can use with TT varieties to control wild radish, and its hybrid vigour was also a positive,” he says.

The 45T01 trial was planted amongst another canola variety into excellent conditions on the 30th April 2015 at a sowing rate of just under 3kg/ha with 80kg/ha MAP.

Scott gave all his canola the same fertiliser applications, including 100kg/ha of Granam and 140kg/ha of urea later in the season.

“Once the 45T01 started flowering and podding up, it took off and probably grew 400mm taller than the other canola, and that’s when it started to shine through,” he says.

Perhaps the best indication of the variety’s performance was when the contractor described the 45T01 as ‘hard to windrow’.

“Because of the amount of pods on the plant, he was way back in speed and had to take it fairly carefully, which was a very good issue from my perspective,” Scott says.

Despite a dry Spring, 45T01 still managed to yield just over 2t/ha, out yielding the neighbouring canola by 400kg/ha, and convincing Scott that 45T01 has a place in his rotation for 2016.