In a region more known for wheat production, Piet Diepeveen is very happy with the performance of Pioneer® brand 43Y23 hybrid canola over the last two seasons on his northern wheatbelt property. Piet finished his 2015 canola harvest on 21st October 2015, and for the second year running the 43Y23 variety was his best performer.

His program consisted of a total of 720 hectares of canola, including 500 hectares of 43Y23, plus a Northern Agri Group canola trial site. “We seeded the 43Y23 on the 18th April 2015, at which point the soil was dry on top with good moisture underneath, but was drying out fast, resulting in a split germination. “We seed on wide 60cm row spacings at 2kg/ha of seed, and it all established well, it was a good crop,” he explains.

Piet applied 65kg/ha of a MAP/MOP fertiliser mix in a 70:30 ratio, followed by a later application of urea, ammonium sulfate and MOP. The October 2015 harvest went well, with an above average yield across the 700 hectares of a 1.8 t/ha, with the 43Y23 averaging 1.85 t/ha and 44 per cent oil. However, as Piet explains, results on the trial site they hosted were even better.

“The top yielder was 43Y23, with an average of 2.18t/ha and 46 per cent oil, while the next closest variety yielded 2.06t/ha. “43Y23 was definitely the standout variety, I haven’t seen anything beat it yet and that’s what I’ve heard more broadly around the area too,” he says.

Piet says they were able to direct-head the 43Y23 easily, with the crop feeding through the harvester, meaning minimal losses through shattering and a top grade of canola. “Yield and harvestibility are the two main characteristics of the variety I like the most, plus the fact it’s Roundup Ready,” he concludes.