Pioneer is advancing new canola hybrids developed to better meet canola growers’ requirements for flexibility and performance with the release of three new hybrids into the market in 2017.

There are two new Clearfield® (CL) hybrids and one new Triazine Tolerant (TT) hybrid joining Pioneer’s proven canola hybrid range.

GenTech Seeds Canola Product and Agronomy Manager, Clint Rogers, says the products have come through Pioneer’s vigorous research, testing and evaluation program

“They have met all the checks and balances around trait performance, yield performance, oil, blackleg and more, have been the best performers and are now coming to commercial fruition,” he explains.

The first Clearfield hybrid is Pioneer® brand 45Y91 (CL) hybrid canola, which is a mid (5) maturity Clearfield®  hybrid that demonstrates quite unique phenology.

Mr Rogers says 45Y91 (CL) can be sown early without the risk of flowering too early, presenting the potential for early season grazing opportunities.

“We’ve got 45Y91 (CL) in large-scale demonstrations right throughout the canola growing regions of both the east and west coast.

“Growers will be grazing 45Y91 (CL) beside their existing Clearfield® plantings to evaluate the potential for early sowing, grazing and grain recovery,” he says.

The second Clearfield® hybrid due for 2017 release is Pioneer® brand 44Y90 (CL) hybrid canola, which was unmatched for performance and consistency in the early-mid (4) maturity segment of the 2015 NVT trials.

“This hybrid’s yield and oil content is segment leading, coupled with an excellent agronomic package and exceptional hybrid vigour that you’ve come to expect from Pioneer® brand Y Series® hybrids.

“This hybrid vigour helps deliver effective weed control and reduced weed seed set through superior crop competition and early canopy closure,” Mr Rogers commented.

Complementing the new Clearfield® hybrids is the release of the company’s second T-Series® hybrid, Pioneer® brand 44T02 (TT) hybrid canola.

The variety excelled in the 2015 GRDC NVT results, ranking as the highest yielding early-mid (4) maturity Triazine Tolerant product.

“It gives a very solid performance in low to medium rainfall environments and its excellent adaptability and yield for maturity helps manage risk in more marginal areas by making sure of a very solid bottom end yield if conditions deteriorate.

“44T02 (TT) has a well-rounded agronomic package, delivering excellent standability, uniform ripening and excellent shatter tolerance, so in those more marginal environments it definitely gives an opportunity for direct heading,” he explains.

During the 2016 season, growers across Australia will have the opportunity to see the three new hybrids in action as part of an extensive side-by-side demonstration program.

“This will allow growers to inspect these hybrids pre-release, so they’re comfortable with the performance and management of the products before planting them commercially in 2017,” Mr Rogers says.

Growers are encouraged to contact their local GenTech Seeds Area Managers or local Promoters to view the varieties during the 2016 season.

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