This Y Series® hybrid combines very high yield potential, consistency and very high oil content. This mid maturity Roundup Ready® hybrid has an outstanding agronomic package and sets a new performance benchmark in the mid maturity Roundup Ready® segment.

Key features:

  • Sets an industry benchmark for consistency in top-end yields over a wide range of environments
  • Outstanding agronomic package coupled with unmatched performance makes for consistent results and ease of management
  • Mid maturity (5), with phenology driven by day length sensitivity – allowing early planting and grazing  options
  • Ideally suited in medium to high rainfall New Roundup Ready® planting option under irrigation
  • Delivers exceptional early growth resulting in superior crop competition and early canopy closure which enhances weed control and reduces weed seed-set
  • Shorter plant stature, exceptional standability and uniform ripening aid ease of management in high-yielding crops

*2015 official GRDC rating with standard BettaStrike® treatment.

Agronomic Profile

Product type Y Series® Roundup Ready® hybrid
Herbicide tolerance trait Tested for tolerance to the registered formulation of Roundup Ready® herbicide for in-crop application in canola
Maturity Mid-season (5)
Blackleg rating R*
GRDC resistance grouping B & C
Grain oil content Very high
Plant vigour Exceptional
Plant height Medium
Crop standability Exceptional
Shatter tolerance Excellent
Grain test weight Excellent