One of the most widely adapted Roundup Ready® hybrids on the market, providing excellent paddock performance across a range of environments and seasons. Combined with an outstanding agronomic profile that includes exceptional vigour, compact plant height and uniform ripening to aid ease of management.

Key features

  • Sets an industry benchmark for consistency in yields over a wide range of growing conditions. Excellent paddock performance has exceeded grower expectations
  • Recommended planting partner to Pioneer® hybrid 43Y23 (RR) and Pioneer® hybrid 45Y25 (RR), ideally suited in low to medium rainfall growing Excellent Roundup Ready® planting option in all irrigation areas
  • Early-mid maturity (4) with time to flowering up to 4 days quicker compared to 45Y25 (RR). Offers great flexibility across planting window.
  • Shorter plant structure, outstanding standability and uniform ripening aids ease of management in high-yielding crops
  • Excellent blackleg resistance – R*, genetically different for blackleg group rotation

* 2015 offical GRDC rating with standard BettaStrike® treatment.

Agronomic Profile

Product type Y Series® Roundup Ready® hybrid
Herbicide tolerance trait Tested for tolerance to the registered formulation of Roundup Ready® herbicide for in-crop application in canola
Maturity Early-mid season (4)
Blackleg rating R*
GRDC resistance grouping C
Grain oil content High-very high
Plant vigour Exceptional
Plant height Medium
Crop standability Exceptional
Shatter tolerance Excellent
Grain test weight Excellent